This is your brain on music

Orchestra performing with brain waves visualized on screen above.
Musicians perform while brain waves are displayed.

On Feb. 24 and 25, Rice University composition professor Anthony Brandt collaborated with University of Houston professor Jose Luis Contreras-Vidal and Performing Arts Houston to premiere his newly commissioned chamber piece “Diabelli 200” at the Wortham Center. The performance was a continuation of Brandt and Contreras-Vidal’s work studying how creative performances impact the brain. During the concert, the pianist and conductor wore portable electroencephalography caps, with a research team monitoring their brain activity throughout, while real-time visualizations of the activity conceptualized by Badie Khaleghian, a Shepherd School Doctor of Musical Arts student, were displayed on a screen. Photos by Melissa Taylor.

Musicians perform while brain waves are displayed.

Pianist performing with electrode cap.