Special issue of Rice Magazine explores university’s world-renowned research

Rice Magazine
Rice Magazine cover

The spring issue of Rice Magazine highlights a sample of the dynamic, complex and ambitious research and scholarship underway at the university.

At 88 pages, the issue is the largest, most comprehensive and timely to date, said Rice Magazine editor Lynn Gosnell.

“Fittingly, we begin with a portrait of leadership,” said Gosnell.

The magazine invited the heads of Rice’s research institutes to be photographed in the Gibbs Convocation Center for the cover.

“It was a rare and rewarding opportunity to convene lauded scholars who are seeking solutions to research challenges in science, the humanities, engineering, religion, public health, social policy and especially the environment,” said Gosnell.

Each of the institutes has a full page in the magazine’s special “Meet the Institutes” feature.

Other highlights include undergraduate research, special illustrations of the new Ralph S. O’Connor Building for Engineering and Science, exploration of Rice’s AI research portfolio and a feature about the April 8 total eclipse. The “research roundup” spotlights news briefs, Q&As, faculty publications and milestones.

The magazine rounds out with feature profiles of accomplished alumni, including a Nobel Prize winner, an innovative entrepreneur and a beloved architect.

“Capturing the dynamic story of research at Rice is both a challenge and a pleasure — in any number of pages or pixels,” Gosnell said. “We hope you come away with a new appreciation for research as a catalyst for curiosity, learning and discovery across campus and far beyond.”

To read the new issue and access stories from past publications, visit magazine.rice.edu.