Neuroengineering’s InterfaceRice 2023 conference draws 160-plus

spectators at EntrepreNeuro @ the Ion 2023

InterfaceRice 2023 logo

More than 160 leaders in neurotechnology, neuroscience, neuroengineering and neurosurgery attended InterfaceRice 2023, the inaugural conference of the Rice Neuroengineering Initiative, May 18-19 at the BioScience Research Collaborative and the Ion.

crowd at InterfaceRice 2023 event at the Ion

The conference included presentations by 35 pioneering researchers and EntrepreNeuro @ the Ion, a TEDx-style presentation sponsored by the Ion Houston as part of the Ion’s Innovation on Tap series. During the Ion event, speakers reflected on careers spanning academia, industry and startups, discussed lessons learned and their views on future relationships between academic and industry research in neurotechnology.

EntrepreNeuro @ the Ion was part of the InterfaceRice 2023 conference

EntrepreNeuro @ the Ion speakers (from left) Jacob Robinson, a Rice neuroengineering core faculty member and associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and of bioengineering and the founder and CEO of Motif Neurotech; Paul Cherukuri, vice president for innovation at Rice; Chet Moritz, associate professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Washington; and Erika Ross Ellison, vice president for global clinical and regulatory at Eindhoven, Netherlands-based medical technology company ONWARD Medical. (Photos courtesy of Rice Neuroengineering Initiative)