People, papers and presentations for Oct. 31, 2022

people, papers, presentations

Lydia Kavraki and Marcia O’Malley are among 35 scientists named Oct. 25 to a list of the world’s top women scientists in robotics, engineering and science at the iROS Kyoto 2022 Conference in Japan. The international conference focuses on intelligent robots and systems. Kavraki is the Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science and a professor bioengineering, mechanical engineering and electrical and computer engineering and director of the Ken Kennedy Institute. O’Malley is the Thomas Michael Panos Family Professor in Mechanical Engineering and a professor of electrical and computer engineering and of computer science, and associate dean for research and innovation.

The late Rice Nobel laureate Richard Smalley will be inducted into the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio, on Nov. 9. Smalley, an Ohio native, shared the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Robert Curl and Harold Kroto for their discovery of the buckminsterfullerene, or buckyball.

David Medina, director of multicultural community relations, was honored with a DiversityFIRST Leadership Award from the Texas Diversity Council during a virtual event Oct. 27. The organization aims to foster a learning environment for organizations to grow and leverage their knowledge of diversity through a variety of events and programs