Doerr’s spring Catalyst program designed to help students become better leaders


Looking to build leadership skills in the new year? The Doerr Institute for New Leaders’ Catalyst program is now open for applications from Rice students.

The program features multi-session workshops, each focusing on a different leadership skill. Using evidence-based techniques, students can assess their current competency, practice skills in a personalized context and utilize peer support to develop their leadership qualities.

Each module consists of two, two-hour sessions. The topics for spring 2023 are “Conflict Isn’t a Dirty Word” (Jan. 17 and 31), “Leverage Your Influence” (Feb. 14 and 28), “Team Foundations” (Feb. 13 and 27), “Building Psychological Safety” (Jan. 19 and Feb. 2) and “The Surprising Science of Meetings” (March 30 and April 13).

Photo by Jeff Fitlow.

In “Building Psychological Safety,” for instance, participants will reflect on their own beliefs about failure and explore a three-part model for fostering the emotional safety needed to accomplish good outcomes for themselves and their teams.

Like all Doerr programing, the Catalyst modules are not your typical lunch-and-learn sessions with passive participation. During each class, facilitators challenge and support students as they build skills through hands-on practice in interactive environments.

Registration for the modules closes 48 hours prior to the first session of each.

Doerr programs are for any students who want to increase their capacity to lead, no matter how young or inexperienced they might be. For more on the institute, visit