Rice United Way Campaign nearly halfway to $250,000 goal after two weeks

Rice United Way Campaign 2021 week two totals

As the second week of Rice’s annual United Way campaign came to a close, the fundraising endeavor hit $122,941, over 49% of the campaign’s $250,000 goal.

Rice Board of Trustees Chairman Rob Ladd’s limited-time promise to match pledge increases from past contributors and full donation amounts from new donors continued through week two; Ladd has now chipped in a total of $11,737 in matching funds to this year’s campaign.

The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has held firm atop the campaign’s participation rate rankings, with 88.9% of department members having contributed thus far. The School of Natural Sciences as a whole has still contributed the most with $19,058 in total donations, and Public Affairs continues to lead the way in total employee participation with 18 donors among its ranks.

Campaign pledges can be made through automatic payroll deduction through imagineOne, which are spread across all of an employee’s 2022 paychecks. Those interested in contributing any amount via cash, check, credit card payment or payroll pledge can get started by filling out the pledge form on the Rice United Way Campaign website, unitedway.rice.edu. The website also includes details on how to designate donations to be steered toward specific United Way agencies and initiatives.

Rice United Way Campaign 2021 week two totals