People, papers and presentations for Nov. 22, 2021

people, papers, presentations

A review paper by Rice computer scientists, “It Takes Guts to Learn: Machine Learning Techniques for Disease Detection From the Gut Microbiome,” appears in the journal Emerging Topics In Life Sciences. The paper by Todd Treangen, an assistant professor of computer science, graduate student Kristen Curry and postdoctoral researcher Michael Nute looks at the state of methods to classify such diseases as liver cirrhosis and irritable bowel syndrome from microbiome data and offers perspectives on future advances in the field.

A team led again by Rice chemist James Tour and University of Graz physicist Leonhard Grill will take part in an hourlong YouTube preview of NanoCar Race II next March. The preview will be part of the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden conference in Toulouse, France, and will begin at 11 a.m. Central time Nov. 23. Video from the first race in 2017, won by Tour and his team, will stream for half an hour prior to the event. Participating teams are expected to present their prototypes to the public.

Rice junior volleyball player Carly Graham was named the Conference USA Setter of the Year for a second consecutive season, becoming the fourth player in league history to accomplish that feat. She also was named to the all-conference first team along with Rice senior Nicole Lennon and junior Anota Adekunle, while sophomore Ellie Bichelmeyer made the second team and Shaylee Shore was named to the all-freshman team.