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Clockwise from left: Benito Aranda-Comer, Franz Brotzen '80 and Ashlyn Hutchinson Munson.

For the many alumni who look back sentimentally on their years at Rice, the beautiful 300-acre campus was like a home away from home. But for a small number of young people, Rice really has been “home.”

It can be a little surreal to be the offspring of college masters, head resident fellows or resident associates — the faculty and staff members and their families who live full time in houses or apartments on campus and provide guidance and intellectual support to the students in their residential colleges. Picture a few hundred extended family members living, dining, studying, sleeping and, yes, sometimes partying in close quarters. But those years of living on campus can provide a lifetime of memories. Masters, head resident fellows and resident associates form a special bond with the many students who live at their college through the years, and their kids get to share that in their own way as they find their place in the Rice world.

Franz Brotzen ’80, Ashlyn Hutcinson Munson, Tyler Stoddard Smith ’98, Benito Aranda-Comer and Steve and Laura Cox recall their experiences in this article featured in the spring 2015 issue of Rice Magazine. Read the whole article at http://tinyurl.com/nhf6xlc.


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