Dateline Rice for July 18, 2019


One of Kennedy’s finest speeches helped launch the lunar mission
President John F. Kennedy’s “moon speech” given at Rice Sept. 12, 1962, is featured or mentioned in numerous articles.
Financial Times
‘We choose to go to the moon’ and other Apollo speeches
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (This article also appeared in Agenparl.)
The moon landing anniversary confronts America with a fateful choice
Council on Foreign Relations
If the Apollo 11 astronauts died, here’s the speech Nixon would have read
Why do so many Americans believe the moon landing was fake?
Slate (This article also appeared in American News Group.)
Is it time to play with spaceships again?
The New York Times (Subscription is required. This article appeared in the July 18 print edition of The Buffalo News and a previous edition of Dateline when it was first posted online.)
Reflecting on the moon landing, 50 years later (This segment aired on six affiliate stations across Connecticut.)
Highlights this weekend on ‘American History TV’ July 20-22, 2019
Canada’s footprint: How cigarettes, coffee and Canadian engineers helped put men on the moon
Global News Canada (This article also appeared in NewsCaf.)
JFK’s famous ‘we choose to go to the moon’ speech will make you believe you can do anything
Houston Chronicle (This Business Insider article also appeared in more than 30 other media outlets.)
Looking for offbeat ways to celebrate the moon landing? Try visual art. 
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required.)
Apollo 11 anniversary: Here’s your 39-song playlist
Indianapolis Star
Apollo took us to the moon in 1969. Why haven’t we gone back?
MSN UK (This CNET article appeared in a previous edition of Dateline.)
50th anniversary of man landing on the moon
KFGO Online (This segment also aired on KFGO-AM and KFGO-FM in Fargo, North Dakota.)
Why JFK believed his bold moonshot could actually happen
Live Science (This article also appeared in Fooshya)
Fryer feature: Achievement
Boyd Matheson: 3 principles to transform the way you live
Deseret News
It’ll be easier to go to the moon again than to close the gender parity gap in law
Above the Law
‘One small step for man … one giant leap for mankind’
Burleson Star
‘We choose to go to the moon’
The Tallassee Tribune
Moon landing one of the most impactful moments in history
Prince George Citizen (This article also appeared in the July 18 print edition.)
Moon landing cemented democracy’s lofty ideals in the eyes of an awakening world
The Australian (This article also appeared in the July 18 online edition.)
Our grand choice: The moon
Federal News Network
50 years on, we salute the pioneering spirit that put Americans on the moon
The Epoch Times
The dreams and dedication behind our leap to the moon
The Virginian-Pilot
Could Apollo 11 moon landing be duplicated?
The Lewiston Tribune (This Los Angeles Times article also appeared in the July 18 print edition of the Marysville Appeal-Democrat, and it appeared online in the Texarkana Gazette.)
Fly me to the moon
Jewish Link
President John F. Kennedy: ‘We choose to go to the moon!’
Richland Source (This article also appeared in
Duke embarks on new mission
New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Subscription is required.)
We went to the moon way sooner than we should have and that’s amazing
TechKee (This Jalopnik article appeared in a previous edition of Dateline when it was first posted online.)
50 years after Apollo 11: What really rocketed us to the moon
Apollo 11: Grabbing a rope at 3,600 miles per hour
The Sandwich Enterprise
The forgotten Illinois hero of the moon landing
Daily Journal
Over the moon
Quel filo rosso che lega il primo sbarco sulla luna e l’assassinio di JFK
Il Terreno (An English translation is not available. This article also appeared in Nuova di Venezia e Mestre, Gazzetta di Reggio, Sole 24 Ore, Il mattino di Padova, Messaggero Veneto and Secolo XIX.)
‘Abbiamo deciso di andare sulla luna’: il discorso di Kennedy e l’ansia per l’Unione Sovietica (An English translation is not available.)
Il lancio del Saturn V rivive 50 anni dopo alla JFK Presidential Library
Libero Quotidiano (An English translation is not available.)
‘Abbiamo deciso di andare sulla luna’ (An English translation is not available.)
WDET-FM (Detroit)
’13 Eyewitness News at 4:30 a.m.’
KTRK-TV (Houston)

BBC Cumbria (U.K. Regional Radio)
Two radio broadcasts mention that the final episode of the BBC’s 12-part podcast “13 Minutes to the Moon,” which explores the dramatic final 13 minutes of Apollo 11’s trip and airs July 20, was recorded at Rice.
BBC Leicester (U.K. Regional Radio)

Moon landing 50th anniversary
Douglas Brinkley, the Katherine Tsanoff Brown Professor in Humanities and author of “American Moonshot: John F. Kennedy and the Great Space Race,” is featured.
WNYC (This segment also aired on 47 affiliate stations in New York.)
‘Houston’s Morning Show’
KRIV-TV (Houston)

Op-ed: The next space age
An article mentions the late Richard Smalley, who shared the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of buckminsterfullerenes, or “buckyballs,” a new form of carbon.
Space News

‘Houston’s Morning Show’
A television broadcast mentions that Rice has partnered with other Houston-area organizations to present “A Giant Leap: 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing” July 20 at Discovery Green.
KRIV-TV (Houston)

‘Morning Dose’
Rice is mentioned.
KIAH-TV (Houston)

Apollo moon program launched former astronaut’s interest in space exploration
Alumnus John Olivas is featured.
El Paso Times


El Chapo’s prosecution has fueled the drug war in Mexico 
Tony Payan, the Françoise and Edward Djerejian Fellow for Mexico Studies at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and director of the institute’s Mexico Center, is quoted.
The New York Times (Subscription is required. This article also appeared in The Indian Express, VIPortal, Satoshi Nakamoto Blog and BD News.)

Mexico spurns private oil-drilling partners
Francisco J. Monaldi, fellow in Latin American energy policy at the Center for Energy Studies, the Mexico Center and the Latin America Initiative at the Baker Institute for Public Policy and a lecturer in energy economics at Rice, is quoted.
The Wall Street Journal (Subscription is required.)

Do Elon Musk’s brain-decoding implants have potential? Experts say they just might
Jacob Robinson, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and of bioengineering, is quoted in an article about brain-computer interfaces. The article also highlights Robinson’s research developing a bidirectional system for recording from and writing to the brain.
BBC Radio 5 Live 
U.K. National Radio (This segment aired twice.)

A painful history of Trump’s ‘love it or leave it’ argument 
Douglas Brinkley, the Katherine Tsanoff Brown Professor in Humanities, is quoted.
The Boston Globe (Subscription is required.)

Device recycles waste heat into light to boost solar systems 
An article features Rice research that suggests carbon nanotubes may make solar panels more efficient. Co-authors Gururaj Naik, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, and Junichiro Kono, professor of electrical and computer engineering, of physics and astronomy and of materials science and nanoengineering, are quoted. Graduate student Chloe Doiron is mentioned.
Futurity (This article was featured in the July 18 edition of the Futurity Today newsletter.)
CNT-based metamaterial turns heat into light
EE News Europe (This article also appeared in World Industrial Reporter and Science Bulletin.)
Other materials stories that may be of interest
The American Ceramic Society

Neuralink: Will Martians control Teslas with their mind? Elon Musk responds
Humans inhabiting Mars may rapidly change due to high levels of radiation, according to Scott Solomon, associate teaching professor in biosciences at Rice and author of “Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution.”

Ven ‘pobre’ plan de Pemex
Adrian Duhalt, postdoctoral fellow in Mexico energy studies at the Baker Institute for Public Policy’s Mexico Center and Center for Energy Studies, is quoted.
Reforma (Subscription is required. An English translation is not available. This article also appeared in the July 12 print edition, and it appeared in the print and online editions of El Norte and Mural.)
Petroleras de EU ‘pelean’ por derecho a enviar gasolina a México
El Financiero (An English translation is not available. This article also appeared in, El Heraldo and Yahoo! Espana.)

Apoyo fiscal es bueno, pero Dos Bocas y sacar a privados son los yerros
Miriam Grunstein, contributing expert and scholar in the Mexico Center at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, is quoted.
Sin Embargo (An English translation is not available.)
Metas de producción siguen fuera del alcance de Pemex: Expertos
CEO (An English translation is not available.)


Texas view: Rice University confronting racism
An editorial features Rice’s Task Force on Slavery, Segregation and Racial Injustice, which will explore the university’s history with a focus on those issues. President David Leebron is quoted. William Marsh Rice and Marie Lynn Miranda, former provost and professor of statistics, are mentioned.
Odessa American (This article also appeared in the Longview News-Journal and a previous edition of Dateline when it was first posted online.)

Exclusive: Former state Rep. Matt Rinaldi will not run for his old seat
Mark Jones, the Joseph D. Jamail Chair in Latin American Studies, professor of political science, fellow in political science at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and fellow at Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research, authored an op-ed featuring the Rice University Lib-Con Scores of members of the Texas House of Representatives during this year’s legislative session. Jones created the methodology used to score the representatives.
The Texan (Subscription is required.)

Houston’s best National Hot Dog Day deals and the best places in the city to get them
A Rice student is quoted in a slideshow.
Houston Chronicle (This article also appeared in more than 25 other media outlets.)

Here’s what’s happening at Houston’s galleries and museums this week
A Houston arts roundup mentions Gillian Wearing’s installation “Rock ‘n’ Roll 70” at Rice’s Moody Center for the Arts. The site-specific work “Wallpaper” consists of portraits that have been altered to imagine what the artist will look like in 20 years.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required. This article also appeared in more than 25 other media outlets.)

Teaching excellence: UTRGV assistant professor wins ROTA award
Alumna Sue Anne Chew is featured.
The Brownsville Herald

The Must List: QFest, The Try Guys, Alejandro Escovedo
An article about the 23rd annual QFest mentions that Rice Cinema will screen “Paris is Burning” at the opening-night gala July 24, and it will screen “Tarnation” and “Angel” July 28.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required. This article also appeared in more than 25 other media outlets.)


They’re still home not on vacation just because
An economic news roundup includes an interview with Vivian Ho, the James A. Baker III Institute Chair in Health Economics at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy’s Center for Health and Biosciences, who talked about the implications of the House of Representatives’ recent vote to end the Affordable Care Act’s “Cadillac tax.”
Marketplace Morning Report with David Brancaccio (This segment aired multiple times on over 800 affiliate radio stations across the U.S.) (Comments begin at 1:28.)

Alzheimer’s effect on spouse’s health focus of new Rice study
An article quotes Christopher Fagundes, associate professor of psychological sciences,
who will be studying Alzheimer’s spouses who are caregivers to understand what factors may help predict resilience in people. Fagundes is interviewed by KTRH in the accompanying radio segments. (This article also appeared in (This segment aired twice.)

Power shift: Utilities face choice between renewables investment and natural gas
Daniel Cohan, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, is interviewed in a television broadcast.
BNN Bloomberg (This segment aired twice on BNN Bloomberg TV in Canada.)

Students develop device to aid surgeons in femur procedure
An article mentions that Rice seniors at the Brown School of Engineering developed a process of repairing fractured long bones in an arm or leg using magnets. The project won the top prize, the Excellence in Engineering Award, at the school’s annual Engineering Design Showcase. Alumni Ashvin Dewan and Ian Frankel are quoted.
NBC DFW Online (This video also aired on KXAS-TV in Fort Worth, Texas.)


This is your brain activity when you name what you see
Rice research into understanding the neural processes involved when a person sees and names a picture suggests that there are dynamic interactions within multiple neural networks. Co-author Xaq Pitkow, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, is quoted.
Science Blog

Scientists spot distant gas giant still forming new moons
Rice research that made the first-ever observations of a circumplanetary disk, which helps to support many of the current theories of planet formation, is featured. Lead author Andrea Isella, assistant professor of physics and astronomy and of Earth, environmental and planetary sciences, is quoted.
Astronomowie znaleźli dysk wokółplanetarny, w którym powstają księżyce (An English translation is not available.)

Transforming the capital projects industry
The Rice Global Engineering & Construction Forum is featured.
Hydrocarbon Processing


Annual conference explores ‘Faulkner’s Families’
An article mentions that Caroline Levander, vice president for strategic initiatives and digital education at Rice, will speak at the 46th annual Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference beginning July 21 in Oxford, Mississippi.
Ole Miss News

New update: Physicists find first possible 3D quantum spin liquid
An article about collaborative research by Rice physicists is featured. Co-authors Pengcheng Dai, professor of physics and astronomy, and Andriy Nevidomskyy, associate professor of physics and astronomy, are quoted. Emilia Morosan, associate professor of physics and astronomy, of chemistry and of materials science and nanoengineering; postdoctoral research associate Bin Gao; and graduate students Tong Chen and David Tam are mentioned.

More sexual harassment allegations against UM opera professor emerge in court filing
An article mentions that a former Rice student has accused David Daniels and Scott Walters of sexual assault.


Rice hopes pieces interlock into a winner
An article featuring the Rice football program quotes head coach Mike Bloomgren and player Austin Trammell; Owl Myles Adams is mentioned. Bloomgren is quoted in SB Nation and mentioned in the Denton Record-Chronicle. Trammell and fellow Owls Wiley Green and Evan Marshman are featured in SB Nation.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required. This article also appeared in the July 18 print edition of the Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News.)
2019 Conference USA West media day recap
SB Nation
C-USA notebook: Littrell praises UNT for faith in program after signing extension
Denton Record-Chronicle

College football’s impact quarterback transfers for 2019
Rice football player Tom Stewart and former Owl Jackson Tyner are featured.
Athlon Sports

Trei for two
Rice baseball player Teri Cruz is featured.
Right Field Fog

Former Jefferson star Bulman turns career around, earns spot at Rice
An article mentions that Austin Bulman plans to play baseball at Rice.
The Journal

Brentwood student to represent US at Pan Am Games
Rice track and field athlete Corbett Fong is mentioned.
Williamson Herald

Editor’s blog: Niners jersey a rare piece from a memorable player
An article mentions that former Rice football player Dicky Maegle, who competed in the 1954 Cotton Bowl between Rice and the University of Alabama, was awarded a touchdown despite being tackled on the 44-yard line.
Sports Collectors Daily

Southington’s Fletcher, Beaudoin enjoy memorable experience at Youth Armed Forces Bowl in Texas
An article mentions that the Youth Armed Forces football game was held at Rice Stadium.
The Bristol Press (This article also appeared in the New Britain Herald.)


Lost glacier to be honored with memorial monument
Researchers from Rice, author Andri Snær Magnason and geologist Oddur Sigurðsson will join members of the Icelandic Hiking Society and the general public Aug. 18 to install a monument recognizing the site of the former Okjökull glacier in Borgarfjörður, Iceland. The melted glacier was the subject of the 2018 documentary “Not Ok,” produced by Rice anthropologists Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer.

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