Dateline Rice for July 16, 2019


Is it time to play with spaceships again?
President John F. Kennedy’s “moon speech” given at Rice Sept. 12, 1962, is featured or mentioned in numerous articles.
The New York Times (Subscription is required. This article also appeared in the July 13 print edition, and it appeared in WS Tale, 170k News, Centre Daily Times, and All USA News Hub.)
Apollo 11 at 50: How the moon landing changed the world
The Christian Science Monitor (This article will appear on the cover of the July 22 print edition.)
What breakthroughs are on the launch pad?
Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum
The best books about the Apollo program and landing on the moon
The path to Apollo 11: A timeline of the space race to land on the moon
CBS News (This article also appeared in WBNS Online.)
Who should pay for ‘moon shots’?
Scientific American
The watch that went to the moon
The Atlantic
What John F. Kennedy’s ‘moon speech’ means 50 years later
The Atlantic (This article also appeared in Konitono News.)
An oral history of the landmark Apollo 11 moon landing
New York Post
Could the Apollo 11 moon landing be duplicated today? ‘Lots of luck with that’
Los Angeles Times (Subscription is required. This article appeared in the July 16 print editions of The Buffalo News, The Times-Tribune and The Citizens’ Voice, and it appeared online in and a previous edition of Dateline when it was first posted online.)
The making of Saturn V, the rocket that carried man to the moon
Why investing in space must be a priority
The Washington Times
The 1st watch on the moon: The Omega Speedmaster
Apollo — America’s race to the moon
Business dreams powering a lunar race
Livemint (This article also appeared in the July 16 print edition.)
San Antonio classical musicians shoot for the moon in honor of Apollo 11 anniversary
San Antonio Express-News (This article also appeared in the July 16 print edition.)
Apollo 11: Four days to the moon, then the ‘Eagle has landed’
WFTV Online (This article also appeared in more than 20 other media outlets.)
Apollo and Tang: ‘Ain’t nothing but a thang!’
Shreveport Times
Editorial: ‘We choose to go to the moon in this decade’
Apollo 11’s mission to the moon still inspires
Daily Press (This article also appeared in the July 16 print edition.)
The dark side of the moon
New Statesman America
50 years ago, Atlantans led Apollo 11 protests
WXIA Online
One giant leap for our self-understanding
Spiked (This article also appeared in Daily News, and
Opinion: 50 years after Apollo, does America have the right stuff to join the new space race?
Apollo was NASA’s biggest win — but its legacy is holding the agency back
The Verge
5 reasons why the first Apollo moon mission can’t be duplicated today
Gulf News
Seattle native who was in mission control for moon landing remembers Apollo 11 
King 5 News Online
Analysis: Back to the moon — but why?
PGAV designs new Apollo XII exhibit for Virginia Air and Space Center 
America’s space race: Pride of achievement
Men and missiles: The epic journey of Apollo 11
Crypto Coin Discovery
One giant leap is necessary to improve your CX
Business 2 Community
Read John F. Kennedy’s ‘moon speech’
Konitono News
Space next 50         
Parent Talk
Belgium: 50th anniversary of historic lunar landing captured on new silver proof coins
World Mint News Blog
Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz: Fly me to the moon
The Jewish Link
‘KPRC Channel 2 News Today 6 a.m.’
KPRC-TV (Houston)
‘KPRC Channel 2 News Today 6 a.m.’
KPRC-TV (Houston; this segment aired twice.)
‘Great Day Houston’
KHOU-TV (Houston)
KTRH-AM (Houston)
CJBQ-AM (Ontario, Canada)
‘Chasing the Moon’
SBS One (Australia)
’13 WMAZ Eyewitness News Midday’
WMAZ-TV (Macon, Georgia)
BBC Radio 5 Live 
U.K. Regional Radio (This segment aired on more than 30 affiliate stations.)
BBC Bristol
U.K. Regional Radio
BBC Radio 5 Live
Boston: lancio del razzo Saturn V, cinquant’anni dopo Apollo 11 (An English translation is not available.)
Männer und Raketen: Die legendäre Reise der Apollo 11
Stern (An English translation is not available.)
50 anos de la llegaga del hombre a la luna (An English translation is not available.)
Apollo, l’épopée douce-amère des Américains dans l’espace pendant la guerre froide
Le Monde (An English translation is not available.)
20 luglio 1969 – 50 anni fa il primo uomo sulla luna
Ingenio (An English translation is not available.)
Space Adventure arriva a Torino a novembre (An English translation is not available.)
Langer Anlauf für einen ‘riesigen Sprung’
Prisma (An English translation is not available. This article also appeared in the July 16 print editions of the Jyllands-Posten Sondag and Abendzeitung Munchen.)
Astronomen beobachten erstmals Mond-Entstehungsregion um fernen Gasriesen (An English translation is not available.)
Il lancio del Saturn V rivive 50 anni dopo alla JFK Presidential Library
Latitudes Travel Magazine (An English translation is not available.)

How Rice University tethered Houston to space
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine ’97 is quoted and pictured. President David Leebron, late alumnus and former chairman of the Rice Board of Trustees George R. Brown and late alumnus and former U.S. Rep. Albert Thomas are mentioned.
Texas Medical Center News (This article also appeared in the July 2019 print edition.)

Lift-off: Houston woman remembers watching Apollo 11 launch from beach in Florida
Douglas Brinkley, the Katherine Tsanoff Brown Professor in Humanities and author of “American Moonshot: John F. Kennedy and the Great Space Race,” is quoted.
Houston Chronicle (This article also appeared on the front page of the July 16 print edition of the Chronicle.)
The great space race
Sentinel Tribune

Meet the NASA engineer who was part of the Apollo 11, Apollo 13 space missions 
Alumnus Jerry Woodfill ’65, who was part of NASA’s Apollo Warning System engineering team, is interviewed.
CW 39 Online (The video segment also aired on KIAH-TV in Houston.)

One of these 12 women astronauts will go to the moon
Alumna Shannon Walker is featured.
WRCB Online (This CNN article also appeared in 30 other media outlets and a previous edition of Dateline.)

Grace: Record-breaking Iowa astronaut Peggy Whitson says 1969 Apollo moon mission inspired her
Alumna Peggy Whitson ’86, the astronaut who has spent more time in space than any other American, is featured.
Omaha World-Herald

ABC Canberra
Brian O’Brien, a former Rice professor who taught from 1963 to 1968 and built radiation and dust experiments for the Apollo missions, is interviewed.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation


1st moon-forming disk detected swirling around an exoplanet
Rice research that made the first-ever observations of a circumplanetary disk, which helps to support many of the current theories of planet formation, is featured. Lead author Andrea Isella, assistant professor of physics and astronomy and of Earth, environmental and planetary sciences, is quoted.
Here’s a first. Astronomers see a moon forming around a baby exoplanet
Universe Today (This article also appeared in the Hilltop Monitor, DirtySouthSoccer and Mashable India.)

One of America’s top climate scientists is an evangelical Christian. She’s on a mission to convert skeptics.
Research into the religious beliefs of scientists by Elaine Howard Ecklund, professor of sociology and director of the Religion and Public Life Program at Rice, is cited.
The Washington Post (Subscription is required. This article appeared in the July 16 print edition and a previous edition of Dateline when it was first posted online.)

Robots are creating these brilliant new jobs
Collaborative Rice research that developed a tangled, 3D-printed network of vessels that mimic a human lung is featured.
MSN Money (This Love Money article also appeared in MSN Malaysia and MSN Ireland.)

The top 50 US colleges that pay off the most
An article featuring Rice mentions that it is ranked No. 15 in the nation on CNBC Make It’s 2019 list of schools with graduates with the highest average salaries.


Add slaveholding ancestors to Beto O’Rourke contrition list, along with white male privilege
Mark Jones, the Joseph D. Jamail Chair in Latin American Studies, professor of political science, fellow in political science at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and fellow at Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research, is quoted or interviewed by several media outlets.
The Dallas Morning News (This article also appeared on the front page of the July 16 print edition.)
Texas House Speaker Bonnen invests millions in new political action committee
Bonnen PAC seeks to maintain GOP control of Texas House
KLBJ-AM (Austin)
Third-party and independent candidates find it hard to get on the ballot in Texas (This Texas Standard article also appeared in a previous edition of Dateline.)
Interview with Mark P. Jones — Episode 25

A 3D model for global health
An article features the low-cost universal cervical cancer instructional apparatus, or LUCIA, developed at Rice, which consists of more than 20 3D-printed cylindrical cervical models and replica pelvises that allow trainees in low-resource nations to examine and detect a range of potential conditions, including cancer. Quoted are Maria Oden, a full teaching professor in bioengineering, director of the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen and co-director of the Rice 360° Institute for Global Health, and alumnae Sonia Gomez Parra ’19 and Karen Vasquez Ruiz ’19.
Texas Medical Center News (This article appeared in the July 2019 print edition and a previous edition of Dateline when it was first posted online.)

Artist Gillian Wearing challenges selfie culture in exhibit at Rice’s Moody Center for the Arts
An article features Gillian Wearing’s installation “Rock ‘n’ Roll 70” at Rice’s Moody Center for the Arts. The site-specific work “Wallpaper” consists of portraits that have been altered to imagine what the artist will look like in 20 years. Alison Weaver, executive director of the Moody Center, is quoted.
Texas Medical Center News (This article appeared in the July 2019 print edition and a previous edition of Dateline when it was first posted online.)

Raymond Burroughs announces retirement
Alumnus Raymond Burroughs is featured.
The Facts (Subscription is required.)

5 best gynecologists in Houston
An article featuring Susan Hardwick-Smith mentions that she completed an executive coach program at Rice.

Houston PetSet trabaja por resolver problema de mascotas desamparadas en la ciudad 
A television broadcast mentions that Houston PetSet commissioned a study by Rice to analyze why local animal shelters are consistently filled to capacity or beyond.
El Venezolano Houston (An English translation is not available.)


Study finds it’s healthier and more productive to be yourself at work
An article features a Rice study that determined that people with nonvisible stigmas who live openly at work are happier with their overall lives and more productive in the workplace. Eden King, associate professor of psychology, is quoted.
Jewel 99.3 Online

Unlikely inventors credited with femur surgery breakthrough
An article mentions that Rice seniors at the Brown School of Engineering developed a process of repairing fractured long bones in an arm or leg using magnets. The project won the top prize, the Excellence in Engineering Award, at the school’s annual Engineering Design Showcase. Alumni Ashvin Dewan and Ian Frankel are quoted.
KSAT Online (This video also aired on KSAT-TV in San Antonio.)

Why does the top of Austin’s tallest building look ‘unfinished’?
Rice is mentioned.
KUT Online (This segment also aired on KUT-FM in Austin, Texas.)


Physicists find first possible 3D quantum spin liquid
An article about collaborative research by Rice physicists is featured. Co-authors Pengcheng Dai, professor of physics and astronomy, and Andriy Nevidomskyy, associate professor of physics and astronomy, are quoted. Emilia Morosan, associate professor of physics and astronomy, of chemistry and of materials science and nanoengineering; postdoctoral research associate Bin Gao; and graduate students Tong Chen and David Tam are mentioned. (This article also appeared in Science Codex, Nanowerk, Parallel State, Long Room, Bioengineer and Science Daily.)

Heat recovery device can boost efficiency of solar energy systems
An article features Rice research that suggests carbon nanotubes may make solar panels more efficient. Co-authors Gururaj Naik, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, and Junichiro Kono, professor of electrical and computer engineering, of physics and astronomy and of materials science and nanoengineering, are quoted. Graduate student Chloe Doiron is mentioned, and graduate student Xinwei Li and academic visitor Weilu Gao are pictured.
The Engineer (This article also appeared in Chemicals Market News and Edgy Labs.)
Rice device channels heat into light
Informed Infrastructure
Wissenschaftler wandeln licht in strom um
MSN Nachrichten (An English translation is not available.)

“Ladders,” authored by Albert Pope, the G. S. Wortham Professor of Architecture and originally released in 1996, is featured.
A Daily Dose of Architecture Books (This article also appeared in Seriously Architecture.)

Ride-hailing services may be driving up traffic deaths
An article cites collaborative research into ride-hailing services by Yael Hochberg, the Ralph S. O’Connor Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at Rice’s Jones Graduate School of Business.
Metro Magazine

Texas billionaire heiress Randa Duncan Williams prefers to stay out of the spotlight
Alumna and Rice Trustee Emerita Randa Duncan Williams is featured.
Celebrity Net Worth

Building a movement: How emerging leaders are shaping a circular economy
Alumnus Isaac Carroo is featured and pictured.


Passages: Michael O’Reilly, aka ‘Penny’
An article featuring the late alumnus Michael O’Reilly mentions that he died June 10 at 57.
Windy City Times


2019 Texas football schedule preview: Week 3 at Rice
An article mentions Rice football players Austin Trammell, George Nyakwol, Prudy Calderon, Tom Stewart and Blaze Alldredge.
USA Today

A milestone summer
Rice is mentioned.
Denton Record-Chronicle

Scott Shepperd joins baseball staff
An article features former Rice assistant baseball coach Scott Shepperd.

Fritsch grabs international record
An article mentions that Rice track and field athlete Natan Rivera placed third in pole vault at the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association’s track and field championships in Querétaro, Mexico.
Sealy News

State sports briefs
An article mentions that Rice’s men’s basketball team will play the University of Arkansas Nov. 5.
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Proctor sets table for Hot Rods in 8-4 home win
Former Rice baseball player Ford Proctor is featured.
Bowling Green Daily News

Nashville Aquatic Club’s Lauren Hurt verbally commits to Rice Owls
An article featuring Lauren Hurt mentions that she plans to swim at Rice.
Swimming World Magazine

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