Language Resource Center receives $1 million endowment

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Rice University’s
Language Resource Center has received a $1 million endowment from Suderman &
Young Towing Co.

The endowment will be
used to keep the center’s technological needs updated for students learning
foreign languages through a wide range of technological and traditional

“It will also allow us
to maintain and expand our digital collection while enabling our instructors to
further increase the integration of technology into their language curriculum,”
said Claire Bartlett, director of the language center and associate director of
the Center for the Study of Languages.

The language center is
part of Rice’s Center for the Study of Languages, which was created four years
ago to improve foreign language instruction and cross-cultural learning in
various ways.

Rice’s language center
invented a powerful Internet-based teaching tool of language instruction called
ExTemplate in August 1999, which is helping the university become a national
leader in language instruction.

“This magnificent gift
will make it possible for the language resources center to maintain the cutting
edge technology that has already made it nationally known as a creative
innovator in the delivery of language instruction,” said Gale Stokes, dean of
the School of Humanities. “Over the past few years the Language Resource Center
has pushed the use of technology in the classroom to entirely new

The center will soon be
housed in Rayzor Hall, which will be the focal point for classes in foreign
languages and literature. The 1962 building, which is undergoing renovations, is
expected to be open by December.

Suderman & Young
Towing Co. included the late Mr. N. Claxton Rayzor, a nephew of J.Newton Rayzor,
who is the namesake of Rayzor Hall. Newton Rayzor was the former president of
Suderman & Young Towing Co. Newton Rayzor’s daughters, June Rayzor Elliott
and Evelyn Rayzor Nienhuis, are the co-owners of the company.

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about the center, go to


Rice University is consistently ranked one of America’s
best teaching and research universities. It is distinguished by its: size-2,700
undergraduates and 1,500 graduate students; selectivity-10 applicants for each
place in the freshman class; resources-an undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio
of 5-to-1, and the fourth largest endowment per student among private American
universities; residential college system, which builds communities that are both
close-knit and diverse; and collaborative culture, which crosses disciplines,
integrates teaching and research, and intermingles undergraduate and graduate
work. Rice’s wooded campus is located in the nation’s fourth largest city and on
America’s South Coast.

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