Rice United Way Campaign brings in record donations

The 2019-20 Rice United Way Campaign raised $285,250 from 881 Rice employees, $35,250 over the university’s goal.

Three campus divisions reached 100% participation: the Office of the President, Public Affairs and the Office of the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Facilities Engineering and Planning had the most donors, 149. With $30,960 raised, Social Sciences led the campus in total money contributed.

All of the matching-gift funds offered by Rice Board of Trustees Chairman Bobby Tudor ’82 and his wife, Phoebe, were claimed, which represents $25,000 in new and increased contributions over last year.

While Rice’s campaign efforts have now officially concluded for the year, the United Way of Greater Houston continues to accept contributions throughout the spring semester. Rice employees who want to contribute may have their pledges added to the university’s total by visiting unitedway.rice.edu.

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About Arie Passwaters

Arie Wilson Passwaters is editor of Rice New.