Houston 2140

ENST 100 students give final poster presentations Dec. 3, 2019 on the topic of "Life in Houston in 2140."
The question of what life in Houston will look like in 2140 was the topic of the final poster presentations given Dec. 3 by students in Rice’s Environment, Culture & Society course.

Taught by Joseph Campana, the Alan Dugald McKillop Chair in English and director of the Center for Environmental Studies, alongside graduate students Clint Wilson III and Kevin MacDonnell, the popular introductory course drew a wide selection of undergraduates across majors.

ENST 100 also drew from a wide range of material across the semester, ranging from news coverage of environmental disasters such as the 2005 Texas City refinery explosion to works of fiction such as the 2017 climate novel “New York 2140.” (Photo by Ashley Park)

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