Smalley-Curl Institute rewards top presenters

Smalley-Curl Institute symposium winners

Rice’s Smalley-Curl Institute held its fourth annual Transdisciplinary Symposium on Feb. 8, awarding $500 prizes to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who gave the best presentations of their work.

The winners, from left, front: Roy (Hao) Mei (chemical and biomolecular engineering); Hassan Javed (chemistry); Ashleigh Smith McWilliams (chemistry); Carlos de los Reyes (chemistry); Thasneem Banu Frousoon (chemistry); Yilin Li, a postdoctoral research associate in chemical and biomolecular engineering; Jordin Metz (chemistry); Ian Cone (applied physics) and Martin Bell (applied physics). With them, at the rear, are Robert Curl, University Professor and the Pitzer-Schlumberger Professor Emeritus, Chemistry; and Alberto Pimpinelli, executive director of the institute. (Photo by Joseph Young)

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