Meet this week’s Centennial Stars

Beck and Noelck known for diligence and dedication 

To celebrate Rice’s centennial, this year the university will honor 100 staff members who represent the best of Rice culture. Each week, Centennial Stars will be recognized for their contributions to excellence, and we’ll introduce them in Rice News.

This week’s Centennial Stars are known for their diligence and dedication. They are Sharon Beck, benefits and project accountant in the Controller’s Office, and Camy Noelck, assistant director of the BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC).

Sharon Beck

Beck came to Rice in 1993 as a temporary employee and has been promoted twice during her university career.

Beck’s contributions to the smooth working of Rice’s retirement plans earned her the nomination. Her role has expanded over the years to include accounting for other benefit plans and many special projects, colleagues wrote in a letter nominating her for the award.

“Regardless of her assignment, she has always been extremely dedicated and committed to doing her best for Rice,” a colleague wrote. “No matter what the special project request is, she is always willing to help wherever needed.”

Colleagues describe Beck as diligent with her job duties and a caring individual.

“She works very hard and always wants to be sure that the tasks that need to be done on any given day are addressed completely,” a colleague said. “She continually thinks of ways to make the job processes more efficient.”

Camy Noelck

Noelck came to Rice in 2008 as a temporary office assistant and later transferred to the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business as a staff assistant. In 2010, she moved to the BRC and assumed her current position in April.

In her role as assistant director of the BRC, Noeleck performs a variety of duties and responsibilities that facilitate deliveries to both Rice and non-Rice tenants.

“During my first year here at the BRC, I quickly discovered that Camy was the focal point person for the ‘onboarding’ of all BRC users,” a colleague wrote.

They noted that Noelck works with many departments at Rice, from the police department for cardkey programming and issuance of keys to the parking department managing parking cards.

“She also performs scores of tours and acts as the BRC’s ombudsman in terms of answering a myriad of people’s questions, orienting new tenants and investigating and resolving problems,” a colleague wrote.

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