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Eden King, the Lynnette S. Autry Professor of Psychological Sciences at Rice, has been named a member of the Society for Human Resource Management’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Racial Equity, which aims to improve racial equity in the workplace. More details are available at

Amar Sehgal, a member of the Pulickel Ajayan materials science and nanoengineering lab at Rice and a student at Dawson High School in Pearland, Texas, was honored by Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Pete Olson for efforts by he and two teammates to build and distribute 3D-printed face masks with disposable filters in their neighborhood during the COVID-19 crisis. Sehgal and Karthik Bhagavatula of Shadow Creek High School and Praneel Bhagavatula of Nolan Ryan Junior High School, both in Pearland, worked with Texas Medical Center hospitals to test and improve their designs. “The creation and distribution of your long-use masks is making a lasting impact on the health and safety of your fellow Texans,” Cruz wrote, while Olson entered his thanks to “The Three Masketeers” into the Congressional Record.

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