Parking fees reduced for 2020-21; new options available

With Rice’s on-campus population expected to be half its usual size this academic year, the university is reducing parking fees and offering new options.

Faculty and staff can choose from the following options:

  • Option 1: A 50% discount, which applies to all lots. The payroll deduction pre-tax benefit still applies. Employees can buy permits for one semester or the full year.
  • Option 2: Cancel your permit and park as a daily visitor.
  • Option 3: Purchase a package of validations for personal use (in packs of 10). The cost will be $1.50 per validation for Greenbriar Lot, $3 per validation for West Lot 2 and North Lot, and $5 per validation for garages and the Founder’s Court Lot.

Employees planning to park on campus must make a decision by Aug. 10. If no selection is made, the default will be Option 1.

The new pricing rates and options will remain in effect until June 30, 2021. No refunds will be offered.

Employees who prefer Option 1 and hold a permit that is still valid do not need to take further action. The 50% discount will be applied automatically.

Those selecting Option 1 and holding an expiring permit must email with a note indicating intent to renew. The discount will be applied automatically, and permits will be issued via campus mail or can be picked up in person at the Parking Office.

Employees selecting Option 2 must email to indicate they intend to cancel their permit. Employees choosing Option 3 must do the same; validations will be available for purchase at

Students also will receive a 50% discount on all lots. Parking surcharges for undergraduates will remain the same. Students with permits can continue to park in any campus lot after 5 p.m. except Central Garage, college lots, Keck, Campanile and Biology/Geology.

Students must visit and follow the permit request process under Rice Parking Registration. Permits for students, like employees, will be issued via campus mail or can be picked up in person at the Parking Office.

Rates for most visitor lots and garages will remain the same, while visitor parking in West Lots 3 and 4 will cost $5 per entry every day.

For more information, call the Parking Office at 713-348-2020 or email


About Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is a senior editor in Rice University's Office of Public Affairs.