Rice IBB names Travel Award winners

IBB travel award winners

Rice’s Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering named the winners of this year’s Travel Awards at a May 15 luncheon at the Cohen House.

The awards for up to $500 allow Rice graduate students to present their research at national and international conferences. The Edgar O’Rear and Mary Morse Family Funds supported the awards.

The recipient and their majors are Razan Alnahhas (biochemistry and cell biology), Luca Brown (synthetic biology), Ryan Brown (psychology), Janelle Clark (mechanical engineering), Anna Crumbley (chemical engineering), Daniel Gorczynski (ecology and evolutionary biology), Jason Guo (bioengineering), Aubrey Howard (biochemistry and cell biology), Lauren Howe-Kerr (ecology and evolutionary biology), Justin Ma (biochemistry and cell biology), Lauren McCarthy (chemistry), Hao “Roy” Mei (chemical engineering), Mikita Misiura (chemistry), Joseph Neale (ecology and evolutionary biology), Carlos Origel (biochemistry and cell biology), Christopher Sylvester (bioengineering), Jadelys Tonos (ecology and evolutionary biology), Melissa Traver (biochemistry and cell biology), Eric Wice (ecology and evolutionary biology), Han Yu (electrical and computer engineering), Linyi Zhang (ecology and evolutionary biology), Yu Zheng (chemistry) and David Zong (synthetic biology).

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