Loewenstern Fellows’ service spans five continents

2018 Loewenstern FellowsNineteen students’ service projects were presented at a reception hosted by the Center for Civic Leadership (CCL) Oct. 22 at the Moody Center for the Arts. At the CCL’s annual Fellows’ Presentation, Rice students who were awarded a Loewenstern Fellowship in International Critical Service and Civic Research shared poster presentations of the work they performed over the summer, highlighting a diverse array of projects that included rural health clinics on remote islands in the Pacific Ocean, refugee boat-spotting and emergency response in the Mediterranean and microfinancing programs in Africa.

Through a generous donation by Walter Loewenstern ’58, the Loewenstern Fellowship provides students the opportunity to travel abroad, engage with other cultures and complex issues and acquire the skills, insight and values that will prepare them to become principled, civic-minded leaders. The 2018 Loewenstern Fellows spread out across five continents during their summer abroad, traveling to Argentina, the Philippines, Kenya, Mexico, Greece, Peru, China, Senegal, Belize, Ghana and Uganda. (Photos by Jorge Pineda)

2018 Loewenstern Fellows


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