Dateline Rice for July 27, 2018


Saudi Arabia pressures Aramco to take on debt after IPO stalls
Jim Krane, the Wallace S. Wilson Fellow for Energy Studies at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, is quoted in an article from the Wall Street Journal about a lack of interest in Saudi Arabian state oil company Aramco’s initial public offering among investors, and he is quoted in Thomson Reuters Zawya about the subsequent move by Aramco to buy a controlling stake in Saudi Basic Industries Corp.
The Wall Street Journal (Subscription is required. This article also appeared in MarketWatch.)
The industrial logic behind Saudi Aramco’s ‘chemical attraction’
Thomson Reuters Zawya (This article also appeared in Arab News.)

Hearst Foundations present summer 2018 grants
An article mentions that the Rice Emerging Scholars’ Second Summer program is one of the recipients of a Hearst Foundation grant. The grants identify and fund outstanding nonprofits working to help all people have the opportunity to build healthy, productive and inspiring lives.

Be wary of ‘ready, fire, aim’ approach to carbon reduction
Charles McConnell, executive director of Rice’s Energy and Environment Initiative, authored an op-ed arguing that carbon tax policies can be successful if they are thoughtfully and strategically designed.
The Hill

Get a close-up look at the squishy, ageless hydra
Rice researchers established the first comprehensive characterization of relationships between neural activity and muscle movements that drive the freshwater hydra vulgaris and expect their analysis to help identify patterns that have been conserved by evolution in larger brain architectures. Futurity quotes graduate student Krishna Badhiwala and Jacob Robinson, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and of bioengineering. quotes Badhiwala, quotes and pictures Robinson and mentions graduate students Daniel Gonzales and Benjamin Avants and alumnus Daniel Vercosa ’17. A Rice video is included on
Futurity (This article also appeared in Laboratory Equipment and R&D Magazine.)
Squishy hydra’s simple circuits ready for their close-up


Is a cyberattack an act of war?
Richard Stoll, the Albert Thomas Chair in Political Science and scholar at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, authored an op-ed about the lack of a perceived threat by countries confronting cyberattacks, a relatively new weapon of war.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required.)

Don’t use Social Security to pay for parental leave [opinion]
Joyce Beebe, fellow in public finance at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, authored an op-ed about the challenges of implementing a national paid family leave policy.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required. This article appeared in the July 27 print edition with a different headline, “Social Security will not solve paid family leave.”)

Austin filmmaker Yen Tan focuses on gay life in Texas
An article from the Houston Chronicle about the film “1985” mentions it will be screened July 30 at Rice Cinema for the conclusion of QFest (formerly the Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival). A roundup of weekend events in Houston by CultureMap also mentions QFest at Rice Cinema.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required.)
Here are the top 13 things to do in Houston this weekend
CultureMap Houston

For Houston bike safety laws, education trumps enforcement
An article about bike safety laws quotes graduate student Mary Natoli, who is president of Rice University Cycling and Triathlon, and mentions that Marjorie Corcoran, a professor of physics and astronomy at Rice, was killed in a train-cyclist accident last year.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required. This article appeared in the July 27 print edition with a different headline, “Education, not citations, key to biker safety.”)

Why was the Menil tree cut down?
Houston Chronicle intern Elizabeth Myong, the author of this article, is identified as a senior at Rice.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required.)

Ken Paxton’s challenger wants a debate. Don’t expect the AG to give in.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s campaign strategy is to make appearances only at friendly public venues and avoid a debate with Democratic rival Justin Nelson, according to Mark Jones, the Joseph D. Jamail Chair in Latin American Studies, professor of political science, fellow in political science at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and fellow at Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research.
Dallas Observer

Slavery after the Civil War: Sugar Land’s dark past as the convict-leasing capital of Texas
An article mentions that Rice created a permanent record of activist Reginald Moore’s personal papers and other research materials he collected about Texas’ convict-leasing system, a collection housed at the Woodson Research Center in Fondren Library. Amanda Focke, assistant head for special collections, is quoted in the article and interviewed in the accompanying video.

Texas cities want millennials living downtown, but state keeps building highways to suburbs
Texas infrastructure projects emphasize convenience over effectiveness, according to Kyle Shelton, director of strategic partnerships at Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

Project Row Houses hosts Summer Studios Artists’ Talk and unveils newest installations
An article mentions that alumna Elizabeth Denton ’18 was a Project Row Houses Summer Studios resident and will participate in the Summer Studios Artists’ Talk Aug. 9 in Houston.
The Katy News


‘KHOU 11 News’
A broadcast featuring Rice’s campus mentions that it was ranked No. 4 on College Magazine’s list of the most beautiful campuses in the U.S.
KHOU-TV (Houston) (Click the video button to watch the broadcast.)

‘KTVA 6 a.m. Daybreak’
Kirsten Siebach, assistant professor of Earth, environmental and planetary sciences at Rice, is quoted in a television broadcast and an editorial about the recent discovery of what appears to be a huge lake of salty water buried deep in Mars.
KTVA-TV (Anchorage, Alaska) (Click the video button to watch the broadcast. This segment also aired on KXLJ-TV in Juneau, Alaska.)
Editorial: Life on Mars seems a lot more plausible
Richmond Times-Dispatch (An Associated Press story about this discovery that appeared in a previous edition of Dateline has been published in more than 400 additional media outlets.)


American Chemical Society names ACS Fellows for 2018
An article mentions that Michael Wong, chair and professor of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and professor of chemistry, of materials science and nanoengineering and of civil and environmental engineering, has been named a 2018 American Chemical Society Fellow.
American Chemical Society

Students sacrifice meals and trips home to pay for textbooks
Richard Baraniuk, the Victor E. Cameron Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and founder of OpenStax, a Rice-based publisher of open educational resources, is quoted in an article about the high costs of commercial textbooks for students.
Inside Higher Ed

2-faced edge makes nanotubes obey
Rice researchers may have taken a step toward catalysts that produce homogenous batches of nanotubes that could lead to wires that transmit energy without loss. Boris Yakobson, the Karl F. Hasselmann Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering and a professor of chemistry, research scientist Evgeni Penev and research administrator Ksenia Bets are quoted, and graduate student Nitant Gupta is mentioned. Graphics by Penev are included.
Nanowerk (This article appeared in, Infosurhoy and Science Codex.)

Who will rescue Venezuela’s crippled oil industry?
Francisco Monaldi, fellow in Latin American energy policy at the Center for Energy Studies, the Mexico Center and the Latin America Initiative at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and a lecturer in energy economics at Rice, is quoted in an article about the history of the collapse of Venezuela’s oil and gas industry.
The Australian Financial Review (Subscription is required.)

A religious blitz on our government
David Brockman, nonresident scholar in the Religion and Public Policy Program at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, is quoted in an article about Project Blitz, which aims to bolster religious exemptions for organizations such as faith-based child welfare programs.
The Humanist

Disaster recovery report says Texas must rethink its long-term recovery efforts
An article cites a report co-authored by experts from Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research that determined policy decisions affecting resilience to future disasters are hampered by federal recovery programs that do not reward communities that discourage risky rebuilding practices. Co-author Kyle Shelton, director of strategic partnerships at the Kinder Institute, is quoted.
Insurance News Net

Stewardship/resistance scan for July 26, 2018
An article cites Rice research that determined widespread E. coli contamination and antibiotic-resistant genes were present in Hurricane Harvey flood waters. Co-author Pedro Alvarez, director of Rice’s Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT) Center and the George R. Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is interviewed on KRLD.
University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy
KRLD-AM (Dallas) (Click the audio button to listen to the broadcast. This segment also aired on KUIK-AM in Portland, Ore.)

Antibiotic microsphere beads market competitive landscape analysis with forecast by 2026
An article mentions that Antonios Mikos, the Louis Calder Professor of Bioengineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, is co-creator of antibiotic microsphere beads that can be implanted or inserted inside the body to fight infection.
Depositor Money

Versus religion versus science
An article cites Elaine Howard Ecklund, founding director of the Religion and Public Life Program and the Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences, who co-authored “Religion vs. Science: What Religious People Really Think.”
Theos Think Tank

Trump has taken longer to name a science adviser than any modern president
Neal Lane, the Malcolm Gillis University Professor Emeritus, senior fellow in science and technology policy at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and professor emeritus of physics and astronomy, is quoted in an article about the delay in the Trump administration’s appointment of a science adviser.
Gas & Electricity

White graphene market — future demand, growth, share and analysis with forecast 2025
Rice research on white graphene is mentioned.
Advertising Market

The secret lives of passwords
Alumnus Gaurav Banga ’98 authored an article.
Security Boulevard

How well did data scientists predict the 2018 World Cup? (Hint: Not very)
Alumnus Alex Amari ’18 authored an article about the difficulty of predicting the outcomes of World Cup soccer matches.
Open Data Science

Top 5 data science books to boost your career
An article about top data science books features “Advanced R” by Hadley Wickham, adjunct professor of statistics at Rice.

Torque appoints James Mullen as chairman of board of directors
Alumnus Mario Sznol ’79 is quoted.
CityBizList Boston (This article also appeared in The Healthcare Sales and Marketing Network.)

A new roadmap for repairing the damage of multiple sclerosis
An article mentions that Rice was a research collaborator in a study that suggests new drug targets and potent early stage drug candidates could lead to regenerative medicines for multiple sclerosis and other debilitating neurological diseases.
Newswise (This article also appeared in Scienmag.)

2018 Annual Silas Palmer Fellowship Conference
An article mentions that graduate student Nate George will present “A Third World War: Revolution, Counterrevolution, and Empire in Lebanon, 1967-1990” Aug. 9 at Stanford University’s Silas Palmer Fellowship Conference.
Hoover Institution

Architect Ben Crawford on why mentors matter
Alumnus Ben Crawford ’89 is featured and pictured. The late Spencer Parsons, associate professor emeritus of architecture, is mentioned.

Fredy Zypman receives the 2018 Materials Today ‘Embracing Challenge Award’
An article mentions that Fredy Zypman will be presented with the “Embracing Challenge Award” at the “Materials Today: The Future of Materials Science in the Next Two Decades” workshop Sept. 27 at Rice. An article about the workshop also pictures Rice’s Lovett Hall.
Materials Today
‘Materials Today: The Future of Materials Science in the Next Two Decades’
Materials Today


Interview with Dr. Molly Gebrian on the neuroscience behind block versus random practice
Alumna Molly Gebrian ’10 is featured in a Q&A.
Rethinking Genius

Curbelo bill simultaneously tackles climate change, national infrastructure updates
An article mentions that a study co-authored by Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy determined that a “carbon [tax] is widely viewed as a necessary part of a cost-effective national strategy to address the risks of climate change.”
The Ripon Advance


Hopewell Valley grads are tackling the fantasy football world
Rice baseball player Ben Schragger, who runs the Fantasy Football Live website with his hometown friends, is featured and pictured.

Alabama women’s tennis releases schedule
An article about the University of Alabama women’s tennis team’s schedule mentions that the Crimson Tide’s season opener will be Sept. 21 at the Rice Invitational.
Tuscaloosa News

Rabalais: Saban is right — LSU, college football fans deserve better than these cupcake games
Rice is mentioned.
The Penn (This article appeared in more than 10 other media outlets.)

Does Texas have enough talent to take desired step in 2018?
Former Rice football player Calvin Anderson is mentioned.

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