Dateline Rice for July 5, 2018


Without lemur poo, Madagascar’s trees may be doomed
Widespread logging and hunting have endangered virtually all of Madagascar’s 100-plus species of iconic lemurs, and a new study by Rice ecologists illustrates how saving the animals, which are the only ones that can disperse the seeds of many of the island’s forests’ largest hardwoods, may also be key to saving these trees. Amy Dunham, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, and alumna Anecia Gentles ’18 are quoted. Alumna Onja Razafindratsima ’13 is mentioned.
Futurity (A similar article appeared in The Weather Network.)


Mexico’s populist new president unlikely to derail energy reform
Three Rice experts are quoted in articles about the recent Mexican presidential election. Francisco J. Monaldi, fellow in Latin American energy policy at the Center for Energy Studies, the Mexico Center and the Latin America Initiative at the Baker Institute for Public Policy and a lecturer in energy economics at Rice, is quoted in Foreign Policy. Mark Jones, the Joseph D. Jamail Chair in Latin American Studies, professor of political science, fellow in political science at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and fellow at Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research, is quoted in Global Citizen, Houston Public Media and Agencia Anadolu and interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Central Time.” Tony Payan, the Françoise and Edward Djerejian Fellow for Mexico Studies at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and director of the institute’s Mexico Center, is quoted in Sputnik News. Jones is also quoted in an article from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about illegal keychains in Texas, and he appears on KHOU-TV about the protocols for mandating flags be flown at half-staff.
Foreign Policy
What Mexico’s new president-elect means for poverty and inequality
Global Citizen
Mexico’s new president is promising big changes; will that affect trade with Texas? 
Houston Public Media (This Texas Tribune article also appeared in The Eagle,, Gator Press, Rivard Report, El Diario El Paso and El Diario Chihuahua.)
El futuro de las relaciones EEUU-México tras victoria de López Obrador
Agencia Anadolu (An English version is not available. This article also appeared on W Radio México and
What Mexico’s new president means for US — and NAFTA
Wisconsin Public Radio
US-Mexico development deal likely to remain unrealized
Sputnik News
Texans: Carry this keychain in your pocket and it could land you in jail
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
What are the rules for lowering flags to half-staff?

The labs growing human embryos for longer than ever before
An article mentions that the Center for Health and Biosciences at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy hosted a conference to urge scientists and ethicists to further debate the current 14-day limit on human embryo research. Aryeh Warmflash, assistant professor of biosciences, is quoted. Warmflash and postdoctoral research associate Idse Heemskerk are credited for a graphic that accompanies the article.

The top 20 presidents in US history, according to historians
History Professor Douglas Brinkley is quoted in an article about the results of C-SPAN’s third Presidential Historians Survey. Brinkley also appears in a panel discussion on CNN about President Donald Trump’s recent tweets.
Business Insider (This article also appeared in Business Insider Singapore, Business Insider Netherlands, San Francisco Chronicle, Times Union Online and USA Online Journal.)
‘New Day’
CNN International (Click the video button to watch the broadcast.)

Forget tech, big oil is doling out America’s fattest paychecks
With a median pay rate of $123,000, the energy sector boasts the highest wage earners out of all industries surveyed. Bill Arnold, professor in the practice of management at Rice’s Jones Graduate School of Business, is quoted.
Bloomberg (This article also appeared in 10 other media outlets.)

About this canvassing of experts
An article mentions that a member of Rice’s Humanities Research Center was a respondent on the ninth Future of the Internet study, which seeks to understand the future impact of digital life on people’s well-being.
Pew Research Center


Book excerpt: Billy Graham — ‘An authentic American hero’
An excerpt from a biography by Bill Martin, the Harry and Hazel Chavanne Professor Emeritus of Religion and Public Policy and senior fellow at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, titled “A Prophet With Honor: The Billy Graham Story,” is featured.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required.)

Despite Trump’s decision, affirmative action is still necessary [opinion]
Eden King, associate professor of psychology, authored an op-ed refuting the effectiveness of ending support for affirmative action initiatives in higher education and the workplace.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required. This article appeared in the July 5 print edition with a different headline, “Despite Trump’s policies, equal opportunity needed.”)

‘Night of the Living Dead’: What a zombie classic says about death in America
An article mentions that Houston nonprofit 14 Pews and Anthony Pinn, the Agnes Cullen Arnold Professor of Humanities and professor of religion and fellow at Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research, are curating the cinema and lecture series “Death and Dying in the United States.”
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required. This article also appeared in the San Antonio Express-News.)

Rice Village updates taking shape
An article mentions that Rice-owned property in Rice Village is being redeveloped.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required.)

Stratford student wants to make schools feel safe
A photo caption mentions that a forum on gun violence was held at Rice April 7.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required. This article appeared in the July 4 print edition with a different headline, “Student strives for safer schools.”)

Texas Transgender Summit to mark 10 years at the University of Houston next week
An article mentions that Rice and other Texas universities have hosted the Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit.
OutSmart Magazine


To Rice University students, Texas’ maternal mortality is a ‘social justice issue’
A broadcast features Wiess College seniors Snigdha Banda and Raj Dalal, who participated in the Alternative Spring Break program organized by Rice’s Center for Civic Leadership to study why Texas has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country. Hanszen College junior David Yang is mentioned. (This article also appeared on Houston Public Media.)

WHYY-FM (Philadelphia)
A participant interviewed for the Global Nation Exchange mentions that his father attended Rice and his parents were married in the Rice Memorial Chapel. (Click on the audio button to listen to the broadcast. This segment also aired on WESA-FM in Pittsburgh.)


Follow the clues to Alzheimer’s, cancer, longevity
The National Institutes of Health has awarded Rice scientists a five-year R01 grant to investigate a biochemical domino effect that begins with a critical regulatory protein called TOR and ends with cells dying of oxidative stress. James McNew, professor of biochemistry and cell biology, and Michael Stern, professor of biochemistry and cell biology, are quoted and pictured. Postdoctoral researcher Shiyu Xu is mentioned.
Bioscience Technology

White graphene added to ceramics can give them outstanding properties
Incorporating ultrathin hexagonal boron nitride sheets between layers of calcium-silicates would make an interesting bilayer crystal with multifunctional properties, according to Rouzbeh Shahsavari, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering and of materials science and nanoengineering. Shahsavari is also credited with the illustration that accompanies the article. Rice’s Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology and Rice’s National Science Foundation-supported DAVinCI supercomputer, which is administered by the Center for Research Computing, are mentioned.
Nelson Publishing

Bass players from across US flock to Wabash
An article mentions that Rachel Martin plans to attend Rice.
The Paper

680 free online programming and computer science courses you can start in July
An article mentions that Rice offers free online computer coding courses.
Free Code Camp


Playing the pipes
Ken Cowan, professor of organ at Rice’s Shepherd School of Music, is featured. (This article also appeared in and Hamburg Independent Online.)

‘Letters to the editor,’ Wednesday, July 4, 2018
James Tour, the T.T. and W.F. Chao Chair in Chemistry and a professor of computer science and of materials science and nanoengineering, is quoted in a letter to the editor.
Naples Daily News

What a tea set taught me about Japanese immigrants in America
Graduate student Suzanne Rindell authored an op-ed.
Signature Reads

Elon musician uses hand drumming for educational outreach
An article mentions that John Cook plans to attend Rice.
Lynchburg News and Advance

Authors share experience with leukemia and treatment at Nevada State Library book discussion
Alumnus Donald Hardy ’88 is the guest author at a July book discussion and lecture series featuring the book he co-authored, “Because I’d Hate to Just Disappear: My Cancer, My Self, My Story.”
Carson Now

Midsummer’s Music crescendoes in 2018

Alumna Heather Zinninger Yarmel ’10 is featured.

Yurt dışı dil kursu merkezi tercihleri MEB tarafından alınmaya başlandı
Rice is mentioned. (An English version is not available.)

FT: Τα καλύτερα ΜΒΑ με ειδίκευση στη διαχείριση επιχειρήσεων
According to the Financial Times, Rice’s Jones Graduate School of Business is ranked No. 28 in the world for entrepreneurship. (An English version is not available.)

Ein ny planet er fødd
An image is credited to Rice researcher Robert O’Dell, the Andrew Hays Buchanan Professor Emeritus of Astrophysics and former chief scientist on the Hubble Space Telescope. (An English version is not available.)

Neuroriabilitazione e robotica indossabile, in ottobre a Pisa due conferenze internazionali
An article mentions that Marcia O’Malley, professor of mechanical engineering and computer science, will present research at the International Conference on Neurorehabilitation Oct. 16 in Pisa, Italy. (An English version is not available.)


No. 1 to 130
A roundup of national college football program rankings features Rice and mentions head football coach Mike Bloomgren.
MSN (Scroll down to “126. Rice Owls.”)

Greater Houston athletic activities listings: July 6-8
An article mentions that former Rice women’s tennis player Lindsey Hodge ’18 was selected to the 2018 Google Cloud Academic All-America Division 1 Women’s At-Large team.
Houston Chronicle (Subscription is required. This article also appeared in the San Antonio Express-News.)

Linda Livingstone: Baylor empowers Texas Baptists ‘by educating men and women for leadership and service’
An article mentions Rice volleyball player and Will Rice College senior Shelby Livingstone.
The Baptist Standard

Ria Scott named Virginia women’s golf head coach
An article mentions that Drew Scott coached at Rice.


Rice U. expert: Thai cave crisis calls for ‘in extremis’ leadership
Since June 23, members of a soccer team — 12 young boys, ages 11 to 16, and their 25-year-old coach — have been trapped in the vast and monsoon-flooded Tham Luang Cave network in northern Thailand. The situation calls for “in extremis” (Latin for “at the point of death”) leadership, said Tom Kolditz, a leadership scholar and executive director of Rice’s Doerr Institute for New Leaders. He is available to discuss his insights with the news media.

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