Developing World Class Staff project group wins first RICE MILE Award

A new staff award based on eight core values dubbed “RICE MILE” was given to the Developing World Class Staff project group at the April 4 town hall by Mary Cronin, associate vice president for human resources. The award was announced in conjunction with the Careers at Rice initiative, which will launch in the coming months.

Cronin said Careers at Rice will address three overall goals: promote the value of working at Rice, develop world-class staff and establish clear career progressions. (Watch for a story about the initiative in Rice News.)

RICEMILEThe RICE MILE Award will be given to staff members who exhibit these values:

Responsibility: Is accountable, aware and conscientious, uses good judgment and is consistent.
Integrity: Is honest, ethical, open and transparent, discreet and trustworthy.
Community: Is collegial, values collaboration, is respectful, generous and a role model to others.
Excellence: Is persistent, tenacious, continuously improving, strives toward “no upper limit” and is ambitious for Rice.
Mission-driven: Is passionate for Rice, dedicated to teaching and research, puts their department and Rice first, is motivated to make Rice a better place and is here for more than just a paycheck.
Impact: Is goal-oriented, effective, takes on tough issues, is intentional in their decisions and actions and thoughtfully implements actions.
Leadership: Takes initiative, is action-oriented, is persuasive, motivates others, is decisive and courageous, thinks broadly, studies thoroughly and raises needed issues.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: Embraces change, is creative, thinks outside the box, is innovative and intellectually curious and takes risks.

The first recipients of the RICE MILE Award helped develop Careers at Rice.

“We would like to give the first RICE MILE Award today to the Developing World Class Staff project group who worked for us so successfully as we worked through the development of Careers at Rice, especially as we considered the type of staff development that was very important to all of us,” Cronin said at the town hall.

The team, which was charged with developing a set of best practices, resources and tools that support the staff development process at Rice, includes Derrick Chandler, facilities services center coordinator; Ann McAdam Griffin, assistant director, employer relations and alumni engagement; Melissa Glueck, director of the Gulf Coast Consortia’s Keck Center; Ally Slaughter, human resources specialist; Abbey Godley, assistant dean for student programs; Carrie Toffoletto, executive administrator in the Provost’s office; Deanna Golden, director of administration at the Jones Graduate School of Business; and Jennifer Zinn-Winkler, department administrator in Kinesiology.

All levels of staff are eligible for consideration for the RICE MILE Award and can be nominated by peers, colleagues, co-workers or supervisors as long as they have at least one year of service and are in good standing. Nominations must be submitted through the RICE MILE Award online nomination form and require approval from senior leadership in the nominee’s school or division.

There is no limit to the number of awards that can be presented per calendar year or within each school or division. Nominations can be submitted for individuals and work or project groups who meet the criteria outlined above.

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