Humanities’ Anita Norwig honored by Rice Board of Trustees

The Rice Board of Trustees honored Anita Norwig, assistant dean of Rice’s School of Humanities, at the May 18 meeting for her 20 years of commendable service to Rice.

Anita Norwig

Anita Norwig

A native of Houston, Norwig came to Rice 1997 as an executive assistant in humanities. In 2000 she was promoted to assistant to the dean and in 2007 to school administrator. In 2010, Dean Nicolas Shumway appointed her assistant dean.

“I can say in all honesty that I have never worked with a more efficient, loyal and knowledgeable employee,” Shumway told the board.

From researching employment records for faculty to enrollment statistics to information on Rice policy, Norwig always responds quickly and accurately, Shumway said.

“Given my background in other cultures, I confess to sometimes seeing rules and policies as suggestions and possibilities,” Shumway said. “Anita does noble work in keeping me on the straight and narrow.”

She also has a reputation beyond the School of Humanities, Shumway said.

“Not infrequently, I have asked people in Allen Center about a particular policy detail to which they have replied, ‘Have you asked Anita?’” he said.

A hallmark of Norwig’s contribution to Rice is her ability to mentor staff, and she frequently has helped young employees move into better positions within the university, Shumway said.

“In sum, Anita is an exceptional employee who contributes enormously to the well-being of Rice,” Shumway said. “ I can think of no one more deserving of the recognition she is receiving today.”


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