Rice Business Wisdom site launches

Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business has launched a new online ideas magazine, RiceBusinessWisdom.org. The site delivers peer-reviewed business research in a compelling, quick-to-read package.

Rice Business Dean Peter Rodriguez discussed the launch of Rice Business Wisdom at McNair Hall's Shell Auditorium Sept. 12. Photo by Jeff Fitlow

Rice Business Dean Peter Rodriguez discussed the launch of Rice Business Wisdom in McNair Hall’s Shell Auditorium Sept. 12. Photo by Jeff Fitlow

The Jones School also has adopted a new nickname: Rice Business. The nickname was chosen because market research showed associating the business school with Rice raises awareness, which could help the business school improve its reputation and gain applicants.

“In today’s knowledge economy, sharing business research shouldn’t take place in a vacuum,” said Rice Business Dean Peter Rodriguez. “Business Wisdom is designed to bring you Rice’s best business research in a lively, witty format brief enough to read on your phone.” The magazine is geared toward curious readers who care about the business of daily life.

Rodriguez hosted a launch party for Rice Business and Rice Business Wisdom Sept. 12 at McNair Hall, which was attended by members of the Rice community and stakeholders of the school.

Last week Rice Business Wisdom began rolling out fast-paced, weekly articles on finance, workplace psychology, ethics, investing and leadership. Each piece is based on peer-reviewed scholarly research by Rice faculty. Here’s a sampling:

  • Most of us construct a sense of self from the real-life past, present and expected future — plus one less obvious element: the imaginary self that would exist if a different choice or life experience had changed our paths. What does that mean for managers? Read more.
  • Is it possible for a school to have too good a name? Yes — when there’s a scandal. Read more.
  • Is good accounting based on principles — or on rules? For the most professional results, auditors should be required to write separate opinions based on each. Read more.
  • To strengthen your savings muscle, practice ongoing daily savings routines rather than aiming for specific, Herculean goals like a wedding or college. Read more.
  • In 2005 the Securities and Exchange Commission launched a curious experiment: It waived limits on short selling for a pilot group of companies; then it let the market take its course. Read more.
McNair Hall, home of the Jones Graduate School of Business

McNair Hall, home of the Jones Graduate School of Business

The magazine can be viewed at http://RiceBusinessWisdom.org.

Rice Business
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