Rice Magazine has a new online presence: Magazine.rice.edu

Rice Magazine, the award-winning publication that has been capturing the university in word and image for decades, has launched a new online version to complement the quarterly print issues.

0906_MAGMagazine.rice.edu features select stories from the print magazine — some with additional material not included in the print version — as well as “web extras” such as photo galleries, videos, a blog and links to previous issues. Readers can also access an online “print” version of Rice Magazine, which allows readers to download the publication and flip through it just as they do the printed magazine. Magazine.rice.edu will have most, but not all, of the print magazine’s content; some features will remain print-only.

“We’re especially excited about expanding our stories online and showcasing Rice’s videography as well as providing a more interactive space for our readers,” said Lynn Gosnell, editor of Rice Magazine. “The ability to develop web extras and communicate in a more timely way via our blog gives us a new, more flexible platform to expand on stories.”

“The biggest benefit is being able to share stories via social media, which then gives us the opportunity to engage with readers, including a broader audience in a way we haven’t been able to before,” said Alese Pickering, art director of Rice Magazine.

Rice Magazine has been online for about five years. The flip-through format is handy and downloadable, but it did not allow for sharing individual articles, nor was it reformatted for mobile devices, Gosnell said.

“Feedback via our quarterly Rice Magazine surveys showed that alumni, especially younger alumni, were interested in being able to read and share magazine content,” she said.

This past year, Rice Magazine also underwent an external evaluation with a consulting firm in the higher education communication arena. A key recommendation was to respond to the readers’ feedback for a better online platform — and to use that platform to connect, communicate and extend the magazine’s engagement with Rice alumni, faculty and staff, parents of undergraduates, friends and donors of the university.

“Rice Magazine has been a favorite voice of the university for over 30 years,” said Jeff Cox, senior director of Creative Services in Rice’s Office of Public Affairs, which publishes the magazine. “Our new online presence not only allows us to offer more content beyond what appears in the print quarterly but also allows our readership to expand beyond our alumni in a very accessible way.”



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