Rice scholars present research at Texas Children’s Hospital

Linda Liu speaking to Emily Mace

Will Rice junior Linda Liu (left) describes the latest results from her ongoing undergraduate research to Baylor College of Medicine’s Emily Mace Nov. 11 at the Developing Investigative Scholar’s Program (DISP) Fall Research Colloquium at Texas Children’s Hospital. The second annual colloquium was sponsored by Texas Children’s Center for Human Immunology, which launched the DISP program for Rice undergraduates in 2012. The program features one of the most intensive and comprehensive undergraduate research experiences at Rice. DISP students commit to work for three years – part time during the academic year and full time during the summers — and to be active members of their mentor’s research group. The Nov. 11 colloquium gave each DISP student a chance to present the latest findings from their research to colleagues, scientists and visitors. (Photo by John A. Wilson)

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