Rice honors Robert Hauge on 50th anniversary

50th anniversary celebration for Bob Hauge

Robert Hauge

Robert Hauge

Rice University honored Robert Hauge, Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Chemistry, for 50 years of service with a reception at Dell Butcher Hall Aug. 14. Speakers included President David Leebron, former President Malcolm Gillis, Professor Robert Curl and many longtime colleagues. They talked about Hauge’s work with students, the love of collaboration that has led to his status as one of the 15 most-cited chemists in the world and the inventive drive that has helped Rice advance the art of nanotube growth. “Bob, you are a treasure trove of knowledge about chemistry, of knowledge about nanotubes, materials, history, but the best part of that is that you share that knowledge willingly with anyone who asks,” said Kathleen Matthews, the Stewart Memorial Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology and former dean of the Wiess School of Natural Sciences. She told Hauge that as a distinguished faculty fellow, “you set the standard for this position.” Photos by Jeff Fitlow

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