Diane Berger celebrates 50th year at Rice

(Photo by Jeff Fitlow)

Diane Berger was a teenager when she started working at Rice June 14, 1965.

Berger, who today is an accounting assistant in the Controller’s Office, has seen a lot of changes in the 50 years since she started as a keypunch operator. Half a century ago, Rice relied upon punched-card data processing for its accounting. Berger – then just 19 years old – processed the cards and would pass them on to others who fed them into the accounting machines.

Now she coordinates every vendor that does business on campus. Berger inputs new vendors, voids payables checks and processes vendor credit holds. Throughout the years, she has adapted with the times and technology, said Assistant Payables Manager Teresa Brooks.

“Diane matured along with the university,” Brooks said. “Now she is our master vendor processor.”

Brooks, who is Berger’s supervisor but has worked alongside her for almost 20 years, described Berger as a devoted staff member.

“She is a very dedicated employee,” Brooks said. “Aside from Rice, she’s dedicated to her family and dog, enjoys playing mahjong and is passionate about making sure the elderly are provided and cared for.”

Berger’s 50th anniversary at Rice was celebrated with a reception June 15 in the lobby of Allen Center.



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