Rice Quantum Institute rewards top students at summer colloquium

Rice students and faculty participated in the annual Rice Quantum Institute summer colloquium on Aug. 8. The event included presentations and a poster session.

Judges at the Rice Quantum Institute (RQI) summer colloquium awarded undergraduate and graduate students prizes for their presentations and posters Aug. 8 at Duncan Hall.

Oral presentation awards

BASF Award ($500): Graduate student Nicholas King for “Aluminum for Plasmonics.”

3M Award ($250): Graduate student Michael McClain for “Wet Chemical Synthesis of Aluminum Nanocrystals for UV Plasmonics Applications.”

Advantest Terahertz Innovation Prize ($250): Graduate student Kimberly Reichel for “Directly Probing a Resonant Cavity Inside a Terahertz Parallel-Plate Waveguide.”

Undergraduate poster session awards

Kuraray Award ($500): Lovett College senior Nicole Moody for “Terahertz Spectroscopy of Graphene: Examining the Substrate and Temperature Dependence of Optical Conductivity.”

3M Award ($250): RQI Research Experiences for Undergraduates student Rusheel Guduru for “Carbon Black Nanoparticle Enabled Solar Water Purification.”

BASF Award ($250): Duncan College senior and NanoJapan participant Benjamin Wang for “Direct Growth of Sub-nanometer-Diameter Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Films on Si/SiO2 Substrates by Alcohol Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition.”

National Instruments Award of LabView Student License: Visiting student and NanoJapan participant Skylar Deckoff-Jones for “Construction and Calibration of Compact Optical Pump Terahertz Probe Spectrometer.

National Instruments Award of LabView Student License: Lovett College senior and NanoJapan participant Lisa Chiba for “Deep Ultraviolet Excitation of Fluorescent Proteins for Multi-Color Imaging.”

Graduate poster session awards (Session A) 

Smalley Institute Award ($500): Graduate student Benjamin Cerjan for “Aluminum Antennas for Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption.”

PlanarTech Award ($250): Graduate student Eteri Svanidze for “Non-Fermi Liquid Behavior Close to a Quantum Critical Point in a Ferromagnetic State Without Local Moments.”

Graduate poster session awards (Session B) 

Micron Award ($500): Graduate student Bo Shuang for “Fast Compressive Sensing for Discrete Single-Molecule FRET Data Analysis.”

IEEE, Houston Section Award ($250): Graduate student Daniel Murphy for “NeuroPG: Open Source Software Tool for Optogenetics Research.”

RQI Choice Awards (chosen by colloquium attendees)

Oral Session: Graduate student Hossein Robatjazi for “Extraordinary Absorption of Sunlight in Nanostructured Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide.”

Undergraduate Poster: RQI Research Experiences for Undergraduates student Rachel Brunetti for “Development of a Super-Resolution Imaging Program to Visualize Porous Hydrogel Structure.”

Graduate Poster Session A: Graduate student Amanda Goodman for “Nanoshell Mediated Light-Triggered Delivery of Lapatinib for Treatment of Brain Metastasis.”

Graduate Poster Session B: Graduate student Ali Sobhani for “Aluminum Single Particles for a Wide-Range Plasmonic Resonance in the Visible.”

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