Kennedy Institute awards 11 graduate fellowships

Kennedy Institute awards 11 graduate fellowships

With the aid of the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology (K2I), 11 graduate students at Rice University have been awarded fellowships for their research and educational achievements in computational science and engineering, and high-performance computing.

This represents six more fellowships than were given last year, all funded by the energy industry or the annual Oil & Gas HPC Workshop. This year, K2I received its largest number of fellowship nominations (50) and presented a record number of fellowships and the largest amount of funding it has ever given ($77,500).

K2I's 2012 fellows

Rice's Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology 2012 graduate fellows are (from left) Xu Liu, Yin Huang, David Medina, Yiting Xia, Muhong Zhou, Jianxin Lu, Devin Grady, Azalia Mirhoseini, Huafeng Liu, Kun Liu and Jonathan Grossman.

“Our engagement with industry leverages the strong Rice heritage in high-performance computing and computational science and engineering,” said Jan Odegard, executive director of K2I. “I’m pleased to see industry joining us in sponsoring graduate fellowships to support these exciting career opportunities.”

Two students will each receive a $10,000 fellowship sponsored by the annual Rice Oil & Gas HPC Workshop: Yin Huang, computational and applied mathematics, or CAAM (adviser William Symes, the Noah Harding Professor of CAAM), and Jonathan Grossman, computer science (adviser Vivek Sarkar, the E.D. Butcher Chair in Computer Science)

Jianxin Lu, mechanical engineering and materials science (MEMS), received a $7,500 fellowship from ExxonMobil (adviser Boris I. Yakobson, the Karl F. Hasselmann Chair in MEMS).

Two students each received $7,500 fellowships from Shell: Kun Liu, CAAM (adviser Béatrice Rivière, associate professor of CAAM), and David Medina, CAAM (adviser, Tim Warburton, associate professor of CAAM).

Two students each received a $6,000 fellowship from BP: Xu Liu, computer science (adviser John Mellor-Crummey, professor of computer science), and Muhong Zhou, CAAM (adviser Symes).

Yiting Xia, computer science (adviser Eugene Ng, associate professor of computer science), received a $7,500 fellowship from Kennedy-Cray.

Azalia Mirhoseini, electrical and computer engineering, or ECE (adviser Farinaz Koushanfar, assistant professor of ECE), received a $6,000 Schlumberger-funded IEEE Student Chapter and Women Excel – Schlumberger Fellowship.

Devin Grady, computer science (adviser Lydia Kavraki, the Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science and Bioengineering), received a $6,000 Schlumberger-funded Computer Science Club and CSters – Schlumberger Fellowship.

Huafeng Liu, Earth science (adviser Fenglin Niu, professor of Earth science), received a $3,500 fellowship from Chevron.

“The 2012/13 fellowships awarded through the Kennedy Institute broke all previous records,” said Moshe Vardi, the Karen Ostrum George Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering and director of K2I. “I’m pleased to see that the annual Oil & Gas Workshop that K2I organizes in partnership with the energy industry is having such a direct impact on students engaged in computational science and engineering programs at Rice.”

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