Owl love New York

A group of Rice students and alumni took the opportunity to flash their Owl signs in front of a grand “Buckyball” in New York City during Thanksgiving break. The nested spheres by artist Leo Villareal, on display through Feb. 1, 2013, in Madison Square Park, were inspired by Buckminster Fuller, who also inspired the name of the Nobel Prize-winning carbon-60 molecules (aka Buckyballs) discovered at Rice University in 1985. Villareal’s work can be seen closer to home: His “Radiant Pathway” is in the second-floor café of the BioScience Research Collaborative.

From left: Apoorv Bhargava ’12, Andrew Pegues ’12, Will Rice College junior Veronica Rae Saron, Thi Vo ’12, Hanszen College junior Thomas Christopher (TC) Weinlandt and Travis San Pedro ’12.

About Mike Williams

Mike Williams is a senior media relations specialist in Rice University's Office of Public Affairs.