Rice expert available to comment on Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona immigration law; calls it ‘a balanced decision’

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Jeff Falk

Media note: The Baker Institute has a radio (with ISDN) and TV studio available for interviews.

Rice expert available to comment on Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona immigration law; calls it ‘a balanced decision’
Baker Institute’s Tony Payan is author of ‘The Three US-Mexico Border Wars: Drugs, Immigration and Homeland Security’

HOUSTON — (June 25, 2012) – The Supreme Court this morning upheld a key part of Arizona’s tough immigration law but struck down others as intrusions on federal sovereignty. This ruling comes in advance of November elections in which immigration will be a major issue.

Tony Payan, a scholar for immigration studies at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, is available to comment on this ruling, its context and the potential ramifications.

“The Supreme Court reaffirmed, as a whole, that the principal immigration law enforcer is the federal government and limited the states’ ability to enforce immigration laws in the same stroke,” Payan said. “The biggest loser here is the state of Arizona, although the ruling seems to be a fair compromise overall and one that sends a message to the federal government to fix this problem. A balanced decision, overall.”

Payan is an associate professor of political science at the University of Texas at El Paso and also holds an appointment at Universidad Autónoma de Juárez in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. His areas of study are in the field of international relations, with an emphasis on U.S. foreign policy, Mexican foreign policy and U.S.-Mexico relations. He is the author of “The Three U.S.-Mexico Border Wars: Drugs, Immigration and Homeland Security.”

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