Meet the 2012-2013 Student Association officers

The newly elected Student Association (SA) officers participated in a Q-and-A to help the Rice community get better acquainted with them. Their responses appear below.



Name: Sanjula Jain

Office: President

Class: 2013

College: Brown

Major: Ecology and evolutionary biology and psychology

Hometown: Tampa, Fla.

Why I came to Rice: Rice stood out to me as a university filled with traditions and a unique culture that truly empowers students to be “unconventional.” I was hooked by the personal attention students receive where professors are our friends and mentors as much as they are our instructors. I was impressed by the amount of support and resources students have to pursue their academic endeavors. I felt that at Rice, I would not be limited by anything.

Why I joined SA: The SA provided me with the opportunity to be an advocate for my peers in voicing student concerns and working to help make Rice a stronger community. I wanted to be involved in an organization that has the ability to make an impact on student life, and the SA is just that.



Name: Gabrien Clark

Office: Internal vice president

Class: 2014

Major: Bioengineering

Hometown: Farmersville, Texas

Why I came to Rice: I wanted to attend an elite university in the South, and Rice was the best option, with its focus on academics and quality of life.

Why I joined the SA: To try something new and engage myself in working to improve the campus community.



Name: Yoonjin Min

Office: External vice president

Class: 2014

College: Jones

Major: Cognitive sciences and mathematical economics analysis

Hometown: Columbia, Md.

Why I came to Rice: Rice is the only university I know where almost all students are in love with their school and its culture. The college system creates a unique community that is both supportive and powerful. I wanted to get away from the cutthroat nature of the Northeast, and the relaxed, familial atmosphere at Rice was perfect for me. I am also a huge fan of warm weather.

Why I joined SA: I joined the SA initially to be a knowledgeable student, and also because I had been involved with student governance since high school. I stayed involved, however, because of the unique nature of Rice. I feel the SA is really the biggest force bringing together the residential colleges and communicating with the administration and faculty. I truly think we can make a difference to create the best version of Rice possible.



Name: Michael Pan

Office: Secretary

Class: 2015

College: Will Rice

Major: Bioengineering

Hometown: Waukesha, Wis.

Why I came to Rice: I came to Rice University with high hopes of taking advantage of the various opportunities and resources offered here. The low student-to-faculty ratio, plethora of research facilities, small student population, along with the relatively low cost of attendance were what attracted me. The small yet highly distinguished Rice community allows more personal connections between one another compared with other universities, and I believe these relationships are vital for future professional endeavors and career opportunities.

Why I joined SA: I wanted to be involved in an organization that could make a change for the better at Rice. Student opinion and involvement are two things that define Rice today, and I believe that the SA plays a major role between them. I hope to promote and implement more student ideas in the future with the SA.



Name: Hersh Agrawal

Office: Treasurer

Class: 2015

College: Jones

Major: Mathematical economic analysis and mechanical engineering

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas

Why I came to Rice: As a Houstonian, I have grown up around Rice, continuously hearing about the incredible achievements accumulated by both the university and its alumni. I came to Rice to become immersed in the tradition of unconventional wisdom, where new ideas and innovation is always encouraged. After learning about the incredible residential college system and close community environment at Rice, I easily understood why students here were some of the happiest in the world.

Why I joined SA: The Student Association is an incredible representative organization that has substantial influence to ensure the students’ interests in administrative decisions. As a member, I wanted to ensure that my voice and those of my peers were heard to address the immediate issues that will help better our education and experience at Rice.


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