Rice students elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Rice students elected to Phi Beta Kappa


Seventy-three Rice University students have been elected members-in-course by the Beta of Texas Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.

Election to Phi Beta Kappa is an honor recognizing outstanding achievement in the liberal arts and sciences. To be considered for membership, a student at Rice must have completed at least 90 semester hours in courses that reflect the pursuit of learning for its own sake, rather than a focus on the development of particular professional skills. As an additional indication of intellectual breadth, at least 10 of these qualifying courses must be chosen from outside the division in which the student’s major lies.

The Class of 2009 Phi Beta Kappa inductees from Rice are:

Rahul Agrawal
Andrew David Altheimer
Paul William Jacob Anzel
Alyssa Marie Baevich
Sam Banon
Marta Leah Bjornson
Leah Maria Bowen
Emily Rose Braid
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
Jeremy Kesner Caves
Larissa Charnsangavej
Aurelia Chaudhury
Allen Liang-Teen Chen
Randy Chung
Caitlin Elizabeth Coombes
Erica Co-Reyes
Roxana Rose Daneshjou
Kenneth Edward Davis
Thomas James Deitch
Rebecca Divers Hanszen
Christina Marie Ebrahim
Emily Anne Fortuna
Victoria Ashley Gascoyne
Daniel Garrett Glasscock
Katherine Claire Gomer
Aaron Hallquist
Kristin Kay Himmler
Dieu-Huong Thi Ho
Kenneth William Hung
James David Ireland
Neal Jain
Christopher James Jensen
Kirsten Jones
Dvir Kafri
Daniel Keirce Kimbel
Emily Dianne Korinek
Joshua Morris Levin
Andrea Lewis Lindzey
Di Ling
Jasdeep Singh Mangat
Lea Martinello
Lily Elise Bailen McKeage
Marie Rose McKinnon
Katherine Michelle Mulvaney
Tyler Owen Murray
Brett Anthony Olson
Neil Rohit Parikh  
Heather Lynn Pearce  
Alexander Gordon Perrone  
Shira Michelle Polster  
Bo Qiu  
Atif Riaz 
Rene Anne Romig  
Elizabeth Ann Rowan  
Jeffrey Nary Russom  
Nicholas Louis Schlossman  
Lauren Colleen Sidner  
Tara Rachelle Skebba     
Diana Sttivend  
Jennifer Zan Sun  
Edward David Swidriski  
Parry Katherine VanLandingham  
Peng Wang Martel  
Wilbur Wang  
Yu-Pu Wang  
Grant Karl Warnecke  
Shuai Xu  
Linda Mei-Yi Yang  
Stephanie Yang  
Raymond Ming-Mou Yu  
Mark Stanley Yurewicz  
Mimi Wei Zhang 
Lindsay Michelle Zwiener 

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