Sarkar named 2008 ACM fellow

Sarkar named 2008 ACM fellow

Special to the Rice News

The Association of Computing Machinery has inducted Vivek Sarkar as a 2008 ACM Fellow.


Sarkar, the E.D. Butcher Professor of Computer Science at Rice’s George R. Brown School of Engineering, was recognized for his contributions to parallel computing. He is among 44 leading computer scientists worldwide from education, industry, commerce and entertainment to be bestowed the honor this year.
”These men and women are the inventors of technologies that impact the way people live and work throughout the world,” said ACM President Wendy Hall, adding that the honor recognizes ”contributions to solving complex problems, expanding the impact of technology and advancing the quality of life for people everywhere.”
Sarkar is the creator of the Habanero project at Rice. It addresses multicore software challenges through developing new programming technologies—languages, compilers, managed runtimes, concurrency libraries and tools—that support portable parallel abstractions for multicore hardware.  “It is an honor to receive this recognition from my peers,” said Sarkar, “as well as a testimonial to all the research colleagues whom I’ve had the opportunity to work with.”
Prior to joining Rice in 2007, Sarkar was Senior Manager of Programming Technologies at IBM Research where he led IBM’s research efforts in high productivity programming models and tools during 2002- 2007 as part of DARPA’s HPCS program. His past projects at IBM include the X10 programming language, the Jikes Research Virtual Machine, the ASTI optimizer, and the PTRAN automatic parallelization system.  He holds a B.Tech. degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, a master’s degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a doctorate from Stanford.

ACM will formally recognize its new Fellows at an annual Awards Banquet in June 2009 in San Diego.

–Dwight Daniels is a science writer at Rice’s George R. Brown School of Engineering.

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