Cleanology Academics graduates largest class

Cleanology Academics graduates largest class

Rice News Staff

Rice University’s Cleanology Academics posted a very successful year in 2007, graduating its largest class — more than 60 employees — that learned the science of cleaning and green-cleaning techniques.

Russell Price (left) is presented with the Vision Award by George Price.

Cleanology is the study of cleaning and behavior in relation to custodial maintenance.

The program, which Rice has been using for more than 10 years, aims to educate participants about the “why ” of cleaning, not just the “how.” The participants learn about the chemical makeup of different cleaning agents and advantages or disadvantages of cleaning methods. It also teaches green cleaning concepts such as use of Green Seal products, vapor for cleaning, and carpet cleaning with the use of hydro-wash machines.

The program’s 16 training modules taught at three levels enable custodians to achieve the levels of basic, certified and registered cleanologists. Basic cleanology is an eight-hour course taught over eight weeks. All custodial employees must attend and pass this course during their new-hire period.

A 10-month course is required for both the certified and registered levels. After receiving their registered status, participants are selected to attend “Top Gun School” to learn the latest teaching methods and become instructors. 

In December, Rice conferred:

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