Rice’s electrical engineering and computer science programs rank No. 1

Rice’s electrical engineering and computer science programs rank No. 1

Rice News Staff   
Rice’s graduate programs in electrical engineering and computer science are ranked first in the nation by the 2007 Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index.


Four other Rice graduate programs also made the top 10: computer engineering (fourth), bioengineering (fifth), religious studies (fifth), and computational sciences (10th).

The Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index by Academic Analytics, a company owned partially by the State University of New York at Stony Brook, compiled overall institutional rankings on 164,843 faculty members at 375 universities that offer the Ph.D. degree.  The company describes the index as a method for evaluating doctoral programs at research universities by measuring the annual productivity of faculty.

To create the rankings, the company researched the number of professors in an academic program, the number of books and journal articles they have written, the frequency of citation by other scholars, and the federal research grants, awards and honors received.  This data was then placed in an algorithm. The resulting analysis created a scale based on the cumulative scoring of an academic discipline’s faculty using measures compared against national standards.

The complete rankings and more information about how they were compiled are available at the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Web site, http://chronicle.com/weekly/v54/i12/12a01001.htm.

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