Rice NROTC Graduate to Learn to Fly Marine Combat Jets

Contact: Michael Cinelli
Phone: (713) 831-4794

Rice NROTC Graduate to Learn to Fly Marine Combat Jets

Shortly after Esther Julicher receives her
diploma from Rice University on May 13, she will become one of only
two women enrolled at the Marine Corps pilot training program
learning how to fly jets in combat.

When the Marine Corps dropped the ban on women serving in combat
situations, Julicher promptly applied to enter the Marines’ flight
operations program to learn how to fly combat jets. In about 18
months she expects to be commissioned as the first female pilot of
the sophisticated Harrier jet.

Why a Harrier? “It’s the most challenging plane to fly,” she
said, “and there has never been a female Harrier pilot.”

Challenges have been a way of life for Julicher. She wanted to
follow in her father’s footsteps and attend the Air Force Academy.
But after graduating from high school at age 16, she discovered she
was too young. She started looking for other options and decided on
Rice because of its strong mechanical engineering program.

After enrolling at Rice, Julicher had to wait until she turned
17 before she could join the NROTC. She is graduating this year as
the youngest senior and commander of the 35-member unit.

For more information on Julicher and to schedule interviews
please contact Michael Cinelli, director of the Rice University News
Office, at (713) 831-4794.


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