Frank Ryan Resigns as VP for External Affairs at Rice

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Frank Ryan Resigns as VP for External Affairs at Rice

Frank Ryan has resigned his post as vice
president for external affairs at Rice University effective Feb. 28,
1995, owing to differences with President Malcolm Gillis concerning
the future course of external affairs and acknowledging Gillis’
prerogative to manage the affairs of the university as he sees fit.

Ryan will continue as professor of mathematics and professor of
computational and applied mathematics.

Ryan received his bachelor of arts (physics, 1958), his master
of arts (mathematics, 1961), and his Ph.D. (mathematics, 1965), all
from Rice University. He has achieved distinction in a variety of
pursuits: professional football for 13 seasons from 1958 to 1970,
including an NFL championship in 1965; computer systems applications
for the U.S. House of Representatives; teaching, scholarship, and
administration in higher education at Case Western Reserve
University, Yale University, and Rice University; and private
industry as CEO of Contex Electronics, a manufacturing company.

Ryan was a member of the Rice Board of Governors from 1972 to
1976, and he was recognized by Rice as a distinguished alumnus in

Ryan assumed responsibility for external affairs at Rice
University as a vice president in August 1990. He was instrumental
in expanding the external affairs division to meet the growing needs
of the university, especially in the area of fund raising. During
his stewardship, annual gifts to Rice increased to a three-year
average of $32.8 million for the fiscal years 1992-94 from $21.4
million for the fiscal years 1988-90.


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